Welcome to my public art research blog

This month I started a part time PhD with the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies at Newcastle University. I’m planning to use this blog to track the progress of my research and to share the development of my ideas and writing over the next six years.

At this point the working title for my project is ‘Public Art in NewcastleGateshead – collection, interaction and audience in the age of social and mobile media.’ This is a project that has evolved out of my own professional practice as a public realm curator and commissions advisor over the last seven or more years here in the North East, working with Commissions North and as a freelancer with Inspire Northumberland and Grit & Pearl.

Working with my PhD supervisors Chris Whitehead and Areti Galani at ICCHS and Venda Pollock in Fine Art, my first task will be to try to focus the scope of this research topic more clearly, to come up with some real ‘research questions’ and to start to create a viable project plan.

While I’m used to doing this sort of thing in my freelance life, framing and delivering such a long term and in-depth research project in an academic environment really is a new adventure (and a real challenge) for me. I’m hoping that this blog will help to support and to drive that process. And also, hopefully be something that others interested in public art and its audiences might wish to read or comment on as the project develops.

So here we are. Welcome to my public art research blog…..

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