Research questions

Due to the combined distractions of research training assignments, Project Approval and Christmas it’s been some time now since I last posted. But this also means that I now have a project plan to work to, a set of draft research questions and some defined research areas to keep me orientated. I know that these are likely to change and evolve over the next few months again, but at least I have a starting point and a broad map to work with.

My research lollipop

To guide this reading I now have a set of five draft research questions. An overarching question: How do audiences engage with NewcastleGateshead’s public art ‘collection’ and can social and mobile media provide useful tools for enhancing or expanding this engagement? which is then broken down into four subsidiary enquiries:

  1. To what extent can art works commissioned for or presented in the public realm in NewcastleGateshead since 1980 be considered as a ‘public art collection’? 
  2. How do audiences currently interact or engage with the City’s public artworks and how might this be captured or observed?
  3. Can an understanding of the public art works as a NewcastleGateshead ‘collection’ catalyse deeper or broader forms of audience interaction and engagement?
  4. What role might social and mobile media play in refreshing and developing audience engagement with a public art ‘collection’?

In my initial plan, I’ve given myself until the end of March 2012 for reading round (or a first lick at) my research lollipop, and for testing the viability of these research questions, before moving on to more focused and structured research from April.


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