NewcastleGateshead encounters (3)

Notes from a walk, Newcastle upon Tyne, 26 August 2012

A Sunday walk with my partner from home down to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art turns into a bit of a public art tour, past some already familiar but also some newly noticed/unseen works, which begin perhaps to stretch the working parameters of my data collection work on the NewcastleGateshead ‘public art collection’.

On our route today we encounter twelve ‘artworks’, including those that might be described as:

  • formal sculptural commissions/waymarkers
  • flyposted ‘urban art’/graphic works
  • large scale graffiti
  • architectural murals
  • gallery’ outdoor works.

In labelling these images for this post, I’m following a standard, title, artist, commissioner, date, mode. I’m aware that this is a structure/format that pervades my own experience of (including my initial identification of) these as ‘artworks’. The initial (to me) ‘anonymity’ of much of the ‘street art’ style work in the Ouseburn is just an illusion (my ignorance of this genre) – it takes only a few minutes of googling to identify the artists and that this is all ‘commissioned’ work.

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