Note to a disappointed reader

At our recent ICCHS PGR conference earlier this month a fellow PhD student spoke these guilt inducing but motivating words: “So when are you going to update your blog?” Oh no – someone’s noticed my blogging failure! But, hurrah too – I had a disappointed reader!

My last blog post had been months back, in January, and I had a series of half written drafts and notes for new posts sitting silent and unpublished on my laptop. My PhD research had been moving on, with c.9000 words completed on my first draft literature review, a series of interviews successfully underway, and my first external conference paper prepared and delivered. All very positive in PhD terms, but somehow not great for my academic blog. A blogging block had set in.

So definitely time for a revamp then: hence these new pages and this new design. More tweaks and new content coming soon (promise)!


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